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Selma McCormack lives and works in Dublin. She studied painting and sculpture part time for many years before starting to exhibit her work in the late 1980's.

Originally her sculpture consisted of clay and wax modelling and she later exhibited bronze casts of her work. Generally figurative in subject matter, she continues to produce works in bronze, and occasionally in ceramics - especially of the figure in motion and of animal studies.

Selma followed her early success in sculpture by developing her own distinctive painting style from the early 1990's. Her influences include Robert Motherwell, Patrick Heron and Nicholas de Staël among others.

Her time is divided between the two disciplines of painting and sculpture. She approaches each with equal enthusiasm.


Tom Duddy - NUI Philosophy, Galway

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"Selma McCormack's gift of shaping material in a delicately balanced way is abundantly evident. These bronzes… are of course not just pieces of shaped material; they are finely turned embodiments of moments in time, of actions, of relationships and even of states of mind. This is sculpture at its most artful, most expressive and most humane." read Tom Duddy's review...

Fred Johnston - Author, Poet & Critic

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"These paintings have a deep sensitivity suggesting themes beyond the obvious. This is art in motion and can at times be simultaneously formidable and comforting. There is great energy in this work, a dramatic context and a sense of things distilled from drama and action. Above all else, there is a variety and sense of imaginative daring in these paintings and sculptures." read Fred Johnston's review...

Gerry Walker - N.C.A.D.

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"These images, both two and three dimensional, are composed and finally consciously selected for display to best effect in the mind of the artist, and we the viewers marvel at the sense of immediacy. Selma McCormack has revealed to us some of the better aspects of the art that conceals art, and we have been privileged to witness the creative actions of the dreaming mind." read Gerry Walker's review...

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